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Elite Los Angeles

Elite Los Angeles


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  • Elite Los Angeles

    Who Should Attend


    🏛 You are looking for a one-of-a-kind training of excellence, while enjoying the sun, a trip and an experience you will never forget

    🏛 You are looking for the most complete training that will allow you to excel in all areas of investment.
    🏛 You are very ambitious and looking to learn or improve your skills in trading, real estate and entrepreneurship.
    🏛 You dream of becoming a businessman and achieving success.
    🏛 You want to know all the great secrets of success.
    🏛 You want to learn and become better, while enjoying the Californian sun.
    🏛 You want to radically change your life and reach the top.


    What will Elite Los Angeles training bring you?


    🏅 You will live a unique experience that you will never forget and that will transform you into a new person.
    🏅 You will excel in trading, real estate and entrepreneurship.
    🏅 You will get all the basics and knowledge of each of these areas, in order to get started on your own and take your first steps in the business world (in France and abroad).
    🏅 You will understand how the economy works and you will enter the sphere of great successful investors.
    🏅 You will get the best investment strategies that will allow you to achieve the best returns.
    🏅 You will get the keys and secrets of happiness.




    Salim Aichi, 34  years old today, is a real estate and financial investor, independent entrepreneur, fund manager, businessman and philanthropist.


    He grew up in a district of Seine-Saint-Denis, aux Bosquets in Montfermeil (93) and stopped school young to do odd jobs with difficulty with the firm will to succeed.


    Entrepreneur at heart, Salim Aichi decided at the age of 21 to start alone, with almost nothing. He created  his first company: a design and architecture office (real estate) and monte  in a few years for his more than 300 projects clients. He then concentrates on property development, buys land and builds new houses which he resells. 


    He has a lot of dreams in his head that he will never give up and that he will realize a few years later.


    After 8 years of experience, he made one of them and decided to close his French companies to continue his adventure in the United States by settling_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_in Los Angeles. He opened his business there, invests in California and Nevada in real estate.


    Passionate about finance since always, he threw himself fully into trading. At the same time, he set up his investment fund with which he invests in the stock market on the financial markets. He understands the functioning and evolution of the global economy and the investment opportunities it offers. He acquires a deep understanding of the financial markets and translates this understanding into quality portfolios.


    He created  a solid network and met influential men, some of them very powerful, intrigued by  his sincerity, his will and his ambition.


    Shortly after, he discovered Japan and decided to invest there (real estate). He also settled there and now lives between Los Angeles and Japan.


    Having always had his hand on his heart, he made the decision four years ago to create Msdaw Human Development, a private training organization in which he shares his experience and his knowledge in order to allow all people wishing to change their lives, to succeed in their projects, just as he did.


    He decides to transmit to you today, in this training, all his experience, his know-how, his methods, his tools, which he has been using for the past 10 years and which will allow you to reach and surpass your objectives in entrepreneurship, real estate investment or financial markets.


    He is now reaching out to intelligent volunteers who will be able to see him as a mentor and who will be ready to put all the chances on their side to reach leurs dreams.


    It will make you better and maybe change your life.


    "Entrepreneurship and success is not easy and you will need a lot of courage and perseverance to achieve it. But I am convinced that at the end of this training of excellence, you will have all the tools as well as the methods which will allow you to reach your goals and probably to exceed them; and thus realize your dreams. Yes, you too can do it if you give yourself the means, the right ones."

  • Information and details

    Location & Times


    Cette formation organisée à Los Angeles, dure une semaine à raison de 9 heures de formation par jour.


    Length of stay: 10 days

    Training: 63 hours over 7 days

    9 a.m. par jour, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Lunch break: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

    Free time | activities: Every day in the evening + 3 days


    Included in the offer


    ✈ Tickets: CDG | LAX - LAX | CDG

    🚖 Taxi LAX: Airport | Hotel | Airport

    🏢 Accommodation: Hotel in Los Angeles

    📚 Elite Training


    Not included in the offer


    🍔 Food costs

    🏌 Activities and extras: shopping, water scooter, disco, golf, amusement parks, city tour,...




    Program content

    📚 Elite Los Angeles


    Training Business creation, Management, Development 

    Value: €2,990.00


    📚 Basics
    📚 How to set up a project (business plan, etc.)
    📚 How to find financing
    📚 Open your company in France (steps to follow)
    📚 Economy
    📚 Business Strategy

    📚 Marketing
    📚 Accounting and management
    📚 Finance
    📚 Mistakes to avoid or not to make
    📚 Advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship
    📚 Questions - Answers



    Training Real Estate Development, Investments

    Value: €2,990.00


    📚 Basics

    📚 Analyse du marché immobilier francais et à l'étranger / Etats-Unis & Japon

    📚 Investment strategies : short term VS long term / which projects to set up

    📚 How to set up a beautiful and good project: commercial structure, maximum margin, professional partners,...

    📚 Purchase in the old: renovation, rental & resale

    📚 Real estate promotion in the new: Land + construction (purchase of land, soil study, architecture, site management, standards, real estate diagnoses, etc.)

    📚 Calculate profitability

    📚 Financements : Banks, how to do it, editing the file,...

    📚 Marketing: sale, rental, rental management

    📚 Management of heritage

    📚 Real estate expertise

    📚 Property renovation

    📚 Asset Management / Asset Management

    📚 Accounting and taxation, taxes...

    📚 Mistakes to avoid

    📚 Advantages and disadvantages of real estate

    📚 Questions - Answers



    Training Trading, Market Finance

    Value: €2,990.00


    📚 Notions of economy

    📚 Understanding financial markets

    📚 Basics : Support & Resistance, Stop-Loss, ...

    📚 Brokers: Which ones to choose and why  

    📚 Indicators: Moving average, Rsi, Macd, Fibonacci, ...

    📚 Risk & Money Management

    📚 Indices & Futures: S&P 500, Dow Jones 30, Nasdaq, Ftse 100, Hkex, Cac 40, ...

    📚 Stocks, ETFs, ...

    📚 Differences between trading and investing in the markets

    📚 The golden rules: Why do some make millions when the majority of others lose a lot or earn little?

    📚 Questions - Answers

    📚 Commodities

    📚 Forex & Currencies

    📚 Dozens of traps to avoid

    📚 Investment strategies : Short, medium and long term, advantages & disadvantages

    📚 Psychology & cognitive processes: How to win against yourself and against others?

    📚 Options & Volatility 

    📚 Private equity, LBO, ...

    📚 Bonds & Interest, Note holders, Private debt

    📚 Taxation francaise, American, on profits




    Elite Los Angeles Training

    📚 Excellence | 8̶ 9̶7̶0̶.0̶0̶ €



    🎁Current offer


    Elite Los Angeles Training

    📚 Excellence | 7 490.00 €*


    *Offer valid until December 31, 2022




    How to validate your registration


    Once your payment has been validated, we will contact you within 24 hours by e-mail. You will receive a form that you will return to us by e-mail, in which you will indicate tes personal informations.


    You will receive a little later  all the details of your trip: departure times, hotel address, as well as  the organization of the seminar: place of training, time leisure and free time, ...


    Personalized follow-up option valid on all levels


    Salim Aichi also offers you the possibility of accompanying you personally, after the training at due to one telephone meeting per week (see A-LIST section).

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